Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

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Some popular home remodeling ideas cost money and time. However, these ideas often lead many people to despise the project. Fortunately, there are affordable ways to make your bathroom look as if it belongs in a magazine. We have compiled some great bath improvement suggestions on a budget for you. Read more as I show you various affordable bathroom remodel ideas. Let’s start with the floor before we move on to the walls in your bathroom. Read below for a number of bathroom remodels ideas. We took the time to sort it up logically for better remodeling. We’ve got to start with the basics.


There are many budget friendly flooring ideas that you can choose for your bathroom. Carpet and matting will be most budget friendly and most affordable ways to change the floor in a budget remodel project, but consider how much traffic your room gets when choosing what to lay on the floor.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Tile floors are budget friendly ways to improve your bathroom because they not only look great but also add function at the same time. If you need budget bathroom tile floor ideas then consider using budget materials such as ceramic or vinyl tiles instead of stone or marble stones which might become too expensive budget wise.

Many people who do not have tile handy are surprised to learn that they can cut it into any shape. In this way you are able to create the exact design you want, which is very helpful if your bathroom does not have an odd shape.

Bathroom Striped Tile Flooring Ideas

Adding striped or patterned tile to your bathroom floors is an inexpensive way to add some personality and class to the room. In doing this, you can choose from many different styles and colors.

Carpet In Bathrooms

Vinyl and linoleum floors might be more comfortable for places like basements or kitchens because these materials are waterproof. On the other hand, carpeting can make a nice decision for bathrooms although it needs more maintenance than vinyl or linoleum floors. It is popular in the UK but it is probably not recommended for a family bathroom if you have children who can’t keep it dry.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Ideas

While ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain, they are often very heavy depending on the size. In this case, you might look at installing luxury vinyl tiles in your bathroom.

Tile In Bathtub Area

Although tile is traditionally used for flooring, it also looks great when applied to the walls and even tub area. In this way, bathtubs can be installed without having them stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise elegant room.

Insulate with Foam Boards In the winter months

If you are living in a cold part of the country, consider installing foam boards under the floor. Cold air will sneak up through the floor and make your feet cold when showering or bathing. Insulating foam boards prevent such flaws if you’re using them underneath ceramic tile.


There are many ways to change the look of your bathroom walls. These budget bathroom remodel ideas range from simple painting or wallpaper that can be done in one day, to changing out tiles for a completely different look.

Bathroom Striped Wallpaper Ideas

Adding striped wallpaper is a great way to make a bathroom feel unique and elegant without spending too much money. This kind of budget home improvement idea can give you endless possibilities in color schemes and patterns. Overall, it will make your room more beautiful and comfortable for you when you use it everyday.

Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Paint is another budget friendly way to replace the look of your bathroom walls with very little work necessary on your part. Painting is the quickest way to change the look of any room, but it is also one of the simplest. It can be done in no time and will make your bathroom feel like a new place without too much stress.

Paint Stripes On Walls

Stripes are another budget friendly way to improve your bathroom walls. You can use paint or wallpaper, but painting stripes across the wall is an awesome budget home improvement idea that requires very little effort yet looks awesome. Consider if you need to use a stencil.

Bathroom Wall Design Ideas

When choosing changes for your bathroom walls, you should keep in mind what kind of design you want before you get started because tiles or wallpaper might not fit into your budget plan by themselves. In case, try coordinating designs that can fit into your budget plan.

Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

If you have a budget, then rather than choosing to paint your bathroom’s walls you can always go with the option of tile. In this case, you might need to choose budget friendly tiles that can be placed on the wall in a way that makes them look nice without looking too cheap or simple.

Replace Bathroom Cabinets and Counters

A cabinet is like a small room where we store many things and counters are used as tables to put things on top of. You should consider replacing cabinets and countertops because they make bathrooms look great and provide functional purposes as well. If you want to change their color scheme, it does not cost much but looks awesome.

Bathroom Countertop Ideas

Counters can be replaced with new ones if budget allows, or you might consider changing the color of current countertops to match the room’s theme. If your budget is tight, then consider some budget friendly ways such as refinishing bathroom cabinets and counters with a paintbrush and tinted varnish so they look more stylish than boring and outdated.

Bathroom Ceilings

Ceilings and walls aren’t the only budget friendly options you have available when it comes to changing up your bathrooms with home improvement projects. You can consider replacing or painting both ceilings and walls if they are outdated or don’t match well with the rest of the tiles used in your shower or tub no worries about budget.


Home improvement projects make your mirror appear like it was designed and simple home improvement projects are. You can buy used mirrors or trade them for a cheaper version.

Decorations and Accents

You should always hang decorations in your bathroom because it makes it more elegant and beautiful. It really makes a room look unique and beautiful which you can’t do with budget bathroom remodel ideas alone, but budget friendly decorations that fit budget is the key to pulling it off.

Changing Drain Pipes – Easy Budget Home Improvement Idea

Change your old drain pipes if they are broken or damaged. This type of budget home improvement project is very easy because all you need to do is cut pipes from under the sink and use some screws to hang new ones from the wall. Also, make sure to create a support bracket on each side for extra safety purposes.

Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

While choosing budget friendly shower curtain ideas, don’t forget about length because this might not be so budget friendly, so be careful while choosing budget shower curtain ideas. In other case, you can choose a fabric that matches the theme of your bathroom and a color that suits it to make it look fresh and elegant.

Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

It is very important to have an awesome towel bar in every home to hang towels from when getting out of the bathtub, showering, and taking a swim.

Bathroom remodeling example: Create cohesive flow

The bathroom is directly accessed from the main room behind this pocket door. Most of the time it remains open from the living room or bedroom entrance to the house. . So I wanted to do a budget makeover so that the outdated bathroom could not detract from work done in the other room. I created a strong flow through painting the door the same color as the vanity. I carried this color out there also. Drawing this color evens out the walls that make a more comfortable place and gives a feeling of unitization she said. The doors to the main entry were painted the same shade to the bathroom and the main entry.

Ways to Save on a Bathroom Remodel

We relied mostly on cash-saving techniques to do our work less. The tips that help us save thousands of dollars on bathrooms come into many categories. We used not always the same procedures but we all rely on multiple techniques to get that job done for less than half an ordinary home renovation.

Final word

A bathroom remodel is a project for improving home values. Remodeling magazine believes remodeling homes recover between 55% and 60% of the cost of selling their homes. If you could get this same value for money on a smaller budget you could increase this percentage also. Can you redone the bathroom or kitchen? Look out for our article about budget kitchen renovations and basement remodeling.